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Gin & Tonic Lip Balm & Bath Salts

This lovely gift set features the ever popular Gin & Tonic Lip Balm and Bath Salts in a fun mini handbag! This is a great little gift for girlfriends, sisters, mothers and adventurous grandmothers. Forget wrapping this gift box up because the delicious scent that pervades from the handbag is enough to give the game away!

The Gin and Tonic Lip Balm is made with natural butters, extracts and moisture-rich Shea and cocoa butter balm, to leave lips feeling smooth and soothed. The Bath Salts are handmade in Great Britain using the finest sea salt and delicious fragrance. Simply add a tea spoon full to your bath to soften and scent the water for a relaxing soak

Set Includes:
      15g Gin & Tonic Lip Balm.

    100g Gin & Tonic Bath Salts.